Photo of garage door at Alumni Club in Menomonee Falls

Be prepared to be surprised! Owners Mike and Karlyn Teipner have gutted this space and a complete makeover is underway to include outdoor seating on Appleton Avenue with access to the restaurant by a roll-up overhead door.

This tavern and eatery will have a full restaurant and bar menu and specialize in pizza. Restaurant opening is planned for this summer!

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Discover the specialty shops, restaurants and service businesses of downtown Menomonee Falls. Stroll through our parkway, enjoy spectacular views of Lepper Dam and take the Historic Walking Tour downtown buildings. Stop in to the galleries to see what our local artists have to offer. If your business would benefit from being in a distinctive, unique and growing setting, downtown Menomonee Falls is the place for you. The BID offers Financing Opportunities and promotional events to support your business.

The Menomonee Falls Downtown is an area of historic properties and residences in the heart of Menomonee Falls. Its specific location is bordered on the north end of Appleton Avenue by Roosevelt Drive. The district extends south on Appleton Avenue to Jacobson Drive. At the east point of Main Street we start after St. Mary’s Church and go west on Main Street to the North Junior High Campus property. Menomonee Falls Downtown is Main Street and Hwy 74.