Main Street Open in Both Directions!

Main Street Open photoOn Saturday, September 30, both the east and west bound lanes of Main Street were opened to traffic. The Main Street Reconstruction Project is wrapping up …

Main Street Reconstruction renderingThe contractors will finish pouring the planters, stamped concrete, and sidewalks on the south side of Main Street. Following the completion of the planters, the landscaping company will fill the planter and plant trees.

The area in front of the RiverWalk on the Falls Apartments (Wimmer building) will remain unfinished until Spring. The contractors working for Wimmer were not able to complete the façade work on the side of the building facing Main Street like they said they could. In the Spring, the contractor will be back out to finish pouring those planters and sidewalks.

The Master Plan

The Main Street Reconstruction Project follows recommendations in the adopted 2010 Village Centre Master Plan as well as the 2016 Village Centre Parking Plan to calm traffic, improve pedestrian safety, enhance the aesthetics of the area, and to create more room for outdoor uses for existing restaurants and businesses. Completion of the project will coincide with the restriction of heavy trucking from Main Street.

This project also supports the Village’s adopted Community Vision for “A Thriving Revitalized Historic Village Centre” as stated in the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update. The project will be completed in three phases.

  • Phase I – 2017: Roadway reconstruction with bump outs and planters between Grand Avenue and Water Street
  • Phase II – 2018: Roadway reconstruction with bump outs and planters between Appleton Avenue and Grand Avenue
  • Phase III – 2019: Roadway reconstruction with bump outs and planters between Hoyt Drive and Appleton Avenue

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